By foutas gives you some maintenance methods to preserve the quality and softness of your foutas.



Our collections are woven in 100% recycled cotton, and the fringes are hand woven. In order to look after your product, we have prepared some recommendations for use.

Washed, your Fouta before first use, the towel will become softer and absorbent.


To preserve and fix the color of your Fouta, you can soak the Fouta in a cold, soapy water basin, before the first laundry.


A 30 degree machine wash is ideal;

A maximums draught 400 laps, will preserve fringes and crease;

Prefer open drying, to avoid the risk of shrinkage;

Washing after washing, your Fouta will be softer, more comfortable, and more absorbent.


In case of spots on your Fouta, it is recommended to rub the fabric with white vinegar and/or black soap. Then wash your Fouta in machine with a laundry of your choice.


Simple and efficient, By foutas also advises you the soapy water bath that allows to overcome many spots on cotton.